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Your donation will help build better experiences which will strengthen school-wide community, encourage student success and grow family engagement at O’Keeffe.

  • Raises Funds: The PTG’s annual budget ranges between 6,000 – 10,000 a year. Current fundraisers include: Direct Donations, Top Chef event, Culver’s nights, etc.
  • Identifies Needs: In order to prioritize efforts, the PTG listens to staff and family requests through email and in meetings.
  • Meets Monthly: Meetings last about 90 minutes. During the meeting the principal shares brief report, parents / families/ teachers provide updates on events, fundraisers, concerns, and requests.
  • Promotes O’Keeffe Values: The PTG is committed to incluvisity, academic success, fighting racial disparity and creating healthy environments.
  • Organizes Events: Today’s events include picnics, ice cream socials after concerts, top chef competition, 8th grade promotion and dance, etc.
  • Provides Financial Support: This year funds will provide teachers with $50 for classrooms supplies, repair band instruments, purchase equipment, support school spirit wear efforts, provide funds for improved bubblers, etc.
  • Encourages Connections Between Families and School: The PTG organizes volunteer opportunities, and invites all interested to attend meetings and communicate ideas to the PTG.

Any parent, teacher or staff member at O’Keeffe Middle School is welcome to attend a PTG meeting. Click here to view the meeting schedule.

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The O'Keeffe PTG meets monthly. All O'Keeffe families are welcome! View schedule.

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