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O'Keeffe Parent Teacher Group (PTG) Board of Directors

The O’Keeffe PTG has an all volunteer board of directors. The leadership at each meeting is in place to represent, facilitate and connect people of all backgrounds and levels of interest. The board of directors is a group of hard working individuals committed to supporting O’Keeffe Middle School in as many capacities as possible.

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Stephanie is a visual practitioner passionate about co-creating spaces that support individuals and groups engaged in socially innovative process work. She uses graphic recording, engagement and facilitation techniques to deepen engagement and learning at meetings, workshops and conferences. These graphic techniques make events more inclusive, interactive, and memorable, helping participants integrate their learning, problem solve, make decisions and cultivate calls to action. Stephanie spent the first 15+ years of her career as a marketing and communications professional supporting clients in information technology, small businesses and the non-profit world.

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Maria’s background is two-fold; she’s a graphic designer and marketing executive by day and a martial arts instructor by night. She is a co-owner of East Madison Martial Arts, LLC (EMMA) and also holds the position of Youth Program Director. Her passion is working hands-on with children and bringing communities and people together through the martial arts.

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Lynn Lee has hands-on experience working with groups and individuals as the co-owner of Ground Zero coffeehouse and Cargo Coffee. He brings with him the lessons learned from working in the service industry, from San Francisco in the early ‘90s to Madison in the now, and becoming a role model for his young LGBTQ employees along the way.

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As the secretary, Nina is key to keeping the PTG well organized. With experience managing a small, independent rental company including daily and long term property maintenance planning, budgeting and implementation, accounting, marketing, procuring and screening qualified tenants, Nina is able to work well in the group setting and has excellent leadership abilities.

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Jo Ann Kraus is a former graphic designer/ art director and is also certificated in art education & adapted art. Jo Ann is now a maker, a mom, a middle school volunteer & semi pro dog walker. Coming to us from Lowell Elementary, JoAnn is a parent who has had an outsized impact on the Lowell community. During her 6 years as a Lowell parent, Jo Ann did anything and everything that a parent can do to make our school and community better, and did it with uncommon positivity, grace and humility. From volunteering in the lunch room weekly to organizing the games at the annual Carnival. We’re lucky to have her expertise as co-secretary of the O’Keeffe PTG!

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We’re grateful to have Kendra as our treasurer. She’s known for her calm presence and honesty which is always welcome at the PTG meetings. She is most passionate about being kind and caring for her family, helping people look and feel their best as a hair and makeup specialist, and being active in her community.

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If you’ve seen the O’Keeffe gardens, you’ve seen Sheila’s beautiful work! Sheila took on the O’Keeffe garden project as well as numerous other O’Keeffe projects. She brought Brain Gym (movements to help people perform better) to several students on a weekly basis. She brought Math Counts to O’Keeffe and leads the group each and every Wednesday throughout the year. Other area’s where you’ll see Sheila in action are; graduation, school picnics, ice cream scooping, PTG meetings, providing staffs treats, and Culver’s Scoopy Night.

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Liz is a librarian, mom, wife and daughter. She has volunteered with MMSD both as a mom and as a community volunteer tutor with Schools of Hope/United Way. She served on the board of Big Oak Child Care and Lapham-Marquette PTG. Liz likes cooking, gardening, reading, biking and ice cream. She is known for being direct and promoting good boundaries.

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Lisa is the digital marketing strategist (content management,
social media management and SEO) for University of Wisconsin Extended
Campus. She also has experience working with diverse groups in a non-profit setting and joined the PTG to find ways to support the
students and staff of O’Keeffe.

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Alana grew up in the Marquette neighborhood and now has 6th grade twins who attend O’Keeffe. She is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, has a background in law and long-term medical care planning and currently works in real estate. She is passionate about helping kids and veterans and volunteers locally to help community members gain access to affordable housing.

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